If you are going to a physical therapist, you definitely need to know about what you are going to do and prepare for it. First, you should know that physical therapy is a non-surgical visit and not have to worry about needles and blood.

The sole purpose of your physiotherapist is to bring you back on the road to recovery. So what are some things that are expected during the visit to physical therapy? You can go to http://performaxphysicaltherapyandwellness.com/services/post-operative-rehab/ to know about the best post-operative rehabs in Long Island.

Initial evaluation

Evaluation of the initial part of the session is the most important. It gives the therapist a full picture of your past lifestyle, causes you injury and what you want to achieve in the future. In this way, your therapist can then design an efficient program for you in the most suitable period of time and physical levels.


After the warm-up session the right, you will begin doing exercises designed specifically for your condition. A post-knee surgery the patient will need to do a balancing and stability exercises to strengthen the muscles around it so that they can bear the weight better. Some common exercises will hit the foot and stairs.

Review session

After cooling down the right session, your physiotherapist will then sit down with you to review your physiotherapy sessions. Throughout the session, he was busy noting down the amount of weight you can bear, the rate of motion and flexibility you.

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