There was a guy who had been powerful; he was not a businessman, but a priest in the army. Not a warrior, not a priest, but not a worship leader, or even elder. However, he is going to be considered for many time.

A guy who had been seen by God and whose labors were marked from the books of history. In Acts 10: 1-4 it speaks about a guy, Cornelius, who had been a priest of the Italian Regiment.

It states that he was a man who"gave much alms to the people and prayed to God continually." Then an angel comes to him and explained that due to their prayers and generous' presents to the people it's been discovered by God for this. You can also visit for info regarding church services.

He acquired Gods consciousness with his own prayers and generous gifts to the poor. You are able to do exactly the same.

Why is it that we must step up as christian small business owners?

– Did you understand that for several decades, up until until lately, a war ravaged Uganda. A war which led a rebel army to enter African American villages remove children from 5-15, ordering them to murder and maim individuals to their own schedule?

Now the war is finished there are hundreds and hundreds of kids who've been displaced and involved; children with no family and nowhere to go.

– Did you know that as you browse this 21 kids have only died from preventable deceases such as measles, diarrhea etc..

– Would you think that households someplace right now are receiving water out of a soiled (tainted with animal feces) water pit where they know can make them ill, but when they don't drink from it that they will perish from dehydration.