A dental crown is a laboratory designed prosthetic device that is generally made of porcelain.

What Crowns and how it works?

Dental surgeons use to completely cover the crown or cap decayed or damaged teeth; the lab produced prosthetic cap-like structure. These caps are usually made of porcelain or ceramic that matches the color of your natural teeth. You can also take consultation from dentist office in Concord North Carolina.

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There is a gold, metal alloy and acrylic fake crown is also available at the clinic. Crown placed to restore tooth function under the following circumstances:

  • Chipped or crooked teeth
  • Extensively decayed teeth
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Replacement of major restoration of old
  • Cover Implant Crowns
  • Linking bridge
  • Retainer crown for a dental bridge or denture
  • Replace the big filing if there are not enough remaining tooth structure to hold the filling
  • Return the cracked tooth from getting worse

Dental surgeons began to reduce the size of their teeth cut teeth crown ill to put right. Then they took the existing dental impression and send it to the dental laboratory for custom design of the crown.

After the prepared crown is placed over the affected tooth and cemented with materials to provide a permanent fix. In the case of the tooth is at the front, while stationed until the permanent crown is ready to improve.