If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you might want to consider getting a cover for it. However, there is a wide choice of swimming pool cover that you have to choose from. You basically have a choice of four swimming pool covers.

  • Solar Swimming Pool Covers
  • Leaf Net Swimming Pool Covers
  • Winter Swimming Pool Covers
  • Safety Swimming Pool Covers

Which include a swimming pool you choose largely depends on the benefits you want from it. In fact, you may even want some pool blanket to meet some of the problems or needs. If you are looking for reliable pool covers for inground pools then you are at right place.

Leaf are basically large net nets intended to catch only the leaves. They will not do a good job of keeping many out again.

In my experience, very few people ever interested nets leaves, and the only people who want one are those that have a large number of trees and the need to keep the leaves out even during the summer.

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If you want to cover your pool for winter, go ahead and look into the winter cover ordinary or perhaps a safety cover.

Winter covers is essentially a giant tarp that you use to cover your pool when you close it for the winter. You can buy them in sizes intended for your pool.

Keep in mind that the actual size of the tarpaulin is greater than the size of the pool, so you have a sufficient amount of cover on the perimeter to keep it down, either with a bag of water or another sort of weight.

Type heavy water bag can be a bit of a hassle and messy, but on the upside you do not have to worry about what would happen if it fell in the pool.