Excited about your first stay in a hostel? Great. Since this is your first time, there are a few manners and etiquettes that you have to follow because hostels stays are a lot different from hotel stays. Here are some things to mind. 

Be Quiet – Since you will be sharing rooms and dorms, try to be as quiet as possible to not disturb others, especially during the night time. Use earphones or headphones if you are going to use your phone. 

Don’t Pry – Granted, you share a room with people and you would want to introduce yourself, but avoid going beyond that as some people may not like you being overly friendly. If someone does want to get to know you, they will show interest, and then you can be friends. 

Small Bathroom Breaks – Bathrooms are shared so do not take a lot of time causing inconvenience to others. Do what you have to quickly and clean up after yourself so the bathrooms are clean for the next person to use. 

Borrow Stuff – An occasional small thing is okay, but don’t be that person who keeps borrowing things from people. Carry all your necessities with you to avoid any inconvenience to you and others. 

Snore – If you have the habit of snoring, make sure you tell your other dorm guests about them so they are forewarned. Nowadays, many products help with snoring so be sure to use them.

Follow the above-given advice and you will have a great time staying in a hostel. Hostel stays are great and one of the best hostels you can stay in are Hostels in Lombok.