If you're considering your options for refrigerated storage containers, there are many things that must be considered. One of the most important decisions you must make is whether you should invest in portable refrigeration equipment or choose a static option. Small businesses can also rely upon portable coolroom for hire and purchase their own equipment for long term earnings.

The benefits of the portable cold storage unit

There are a number of benefits to choosing portable storage options that are worth considering. Obviously, since the portable equipment can be delivered and moved anywhere that your business requires. This can be useful in situations such as if your business decides to move premises or you decide for any reason that you want to move to a smaller place.


Portable Refrigeration: A Case Study

There is a great recent example with demonstrates this. Back in the mid-90s, more than 10,000 revelers celebrated Independence Day on the ship – the USS John F. Kennedy – when it's in Dublin. Obviously, with such a high number of guests, reliable refrigeration is required so that all the party food, beverage, and catering can be stored safely.

For this reason, the event planners opted for a mobile cold store for the duration of the event. It worked perfectly and the catering may not be possible without a climate-controlled rental unit. Choosing a portable unit also affords you more flexibility than static units. Portable equipment offers rental equipment selection – in the long term or short term – rather than having to buy directly.