When planning for a vacation, hotel selection is probably the most crucial factor other than transportation. Unless one takes return trips to the same place, year in and year out, the need may arise to experience new places and new sensations.

Since the internet is full of information, it is a worthy investment to carry out some research prior to making a decision. Homework conducted in perusing hotel and travel websites as well as user reviews can generally steer one in the right direction.

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Although one is not obliged to relive another traveler's journey, it pays to watch out for thorn trees and potholes.

If traveling to an unfamiliar territory, always select a decent area to stay in. Even though some places may offer rock bottom prices, it may be better to steer clear of these establishments as cheap can attract different connotations.

Who knows what else one may pick up other than bed bugs? In the case of a female traveler, especially if on her own, safety and security must always be on the top of the list to avoid uninvited advances of the wrong kind during a vacation.

Hotel room location, insignificant as it may sound, plays an important role. Upon check-in, request for a room near the elevator. Although it may be a little noisy at night, it makes easy access to and fro one's room. Ground floor rooms may also attract peeping toms if shades are not well drawn.