In the previous article, we discussed the importance of tracking the source of each lead in your CRM database.

Equipped with this info you can measure the success of your individual marketing activities. You can be more tactical when planning future marketing steps and ultimately increasing profits.

But how do you actually separate the sources from each new client? And make sure that the marketing data that you rely on is accurate?

Office Policy

If you want reliable data, you must enforce the rules that every new customer who comes to the business must be asked how they heard about you and their answers must be entered into your CRM database.

Become resilient to staff who enter notes without specifying sources and everyone will be in line with time. This will help you identify broader trends in your marketing, such as how many clients come from the web versus radio advertising.

Special Numbers

Prepare a special number 1300 (or 1800) for each individual ad. By having a special channel, you will know that every telephone call made to that number comes from that ad. You can browse¬†¬† if you’re looking for 1300 number provider.

Most providers number 1300 offer packages where you pay a monthly fee that can be ignored and then only pay extra based on the actual number of calls you do it. receive.

Easy, inexpensive, and provides quality data, making it the most effective method for tracking print media advertisements, radio advertisements, and even television.