Referendum SF0104

The Constitution Party of Wyoming is sponsoring a state-wide referendum campaign to reject recent legislative action, specifically, Senate File 0104 (SF-104) the Education/Superintendent of Public Instruction bill.  You are invited to volunteer your signature or to recruit other petition circulators in your area.

Referendum SF0104 Education-state administration

Time is of the essenceaccording to the Constitution of Wyoming, we have 90 days from the end of the legislative session to file the final petition.

The Wyoming Constitution states in Article 3, Section 52 Initiative and referendum.

A referendum petition may be filed only within ninety (90) days after adjournment of the legislative session at which the act was passed, except that a referendum petition respecting any act previously passed by the legislature may be filed within six months after the power of referendum is adopted. 

The secretary of state shall prepare a ballot title and proposition summarizing the act and shall place them on the ballot for the first statewide election held more than one hundred eighty (180) days after adjournment of the session.