Have you thought about these small microscopic creatures that hide in your mattresses and wonder how to get rid of bed bugs at home? Sleep well and do not let bed bugs bite tonight. Just follow this instruction to kill bed bugs.

First, identify the problem. They can be found in areas where sanitation is poor and even on clean surfaces, so locate them. They are commonly found in sleeping areas such as the bed base, crevices under the mattress, bed frame, cracks in wallpaper, used clothing and furniture.

The next step is to discard the mattress or bed for a new one or to treat these infected spaces using aerosols and insecticides offered by suppliers like https://www.vama.eco/ free from toxins and formulated to eliminate the bed bugs.

Another option is to apply deep cleansing by rubbing the infested surfaces with a stiff brush to remove the eggs. Expert advice may recommend dismantling bed frames and furniture, sealing cracks in floors, walls and moldings, or using a powerful vacuum cleaner for cracks and crevices.

Vacuum the floor and lift the edges of the carpet, vacuum the cracks on the floor and the edges of the bedding. You should spend at least two hours inspecting and treating each piece.

Once you have already treated and cleaned an infected site, you can cover the mattress with an anti-binder mattress pad. The bedspread and other clothing should be washed and dried over high heat. The temperatures 120F and above are deadly for them.