Farmers are currently leading the development of their dairy farms for an exponentially developing community in an ever-changing environment.

Sharp-minded companies make smart sensors and usable technologies that can give farmers the edge they need to provide the best results for sale at the highest margins. These high-tech smart sensors are used in precision farming to provide data that helps farmers monitor and optimize yields, and keep up with changes in environmental factors.

By placing sensors, farmers can understand their crops on a micro-scale, save resources, and reduce the influence of the environment. Connecting smart sensors and tracking devices to a cow will give farmers the ability to track the level of cow activity, health, and other key functions.

Saber Milk detector will help with the identification of safe animals, have high levels of bulk SCC, heat detection. These sensors monitor the health of cows and separate healthy and sick animals. Smart sensors will also help the early detection of mastitis to reduce the risk of losing milk.

milk sensors

During the period of agriculture, intelligent agriculture was popularized as precision farming. This is still in the beginning, but like young sprouts, it has great potential. The benefits offered by owning agriculture that is inherent to agricultural automation and sensor technology include reducing labour costs, reducing pollution, access to excellent analytical tools such as detection of genetic disorders, marking plants for diseases and more.

Building a smart system for agriculture does not come without its own obstacles. There are many ways that action can be taken by a prospective farmer. However, there are a number of new ideas so far that will make it easier to become a do-it-yourself farmer. See here for photonic performance in scanning for milk contaminants.