The game of cricket is really full of thrills, actions, and passion. Every lover of cricket likes all these that makes him passionate about this game. This game brings the taste of enjoyment and satisfaction among its fans. Since this game came into being, there have been many changes and amendments in it.

One of the most important changes that can be noticed is the increasing number of viewers. It shows that cricket has acquired much fame since the game has been played.

Cricket world cup match nowadays is one of most the premier events in the world of cricket. This tournament brings lots of cheer and excitement among its keen viewers. It brings the title of a world champion to the nation or team that performs extraordinarily in the tournament.

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The cricket world cup was born in England in 1975 and it was played between only 10 nations globally. Today, there are sixteen nations striving for the stunning cup. Every player of cricket likes to play for this tournament.

The players put their best effort to qualify for the fitness level to enter this tournament. It's a prestige for a team or a player or a nation to participate in the world cup matches.

The playing nations and the players get fame and many perks if they happen to play for this tournament. This tournament outshines the careers of all those players who really give an outstanding performance in the world cup.

Today, there are sixteen nations playing facing each other for the cricket world cup.