Horses also experience joint problems that are not that different from human arthritis. They experience these due to fatigue, injuries, and old age. There are different brand of supplements in the market today that depends its effectiveness upon the bioavailability of the horse. Though they may be different, their main ingredients are the same that targets their equine bone and joint support.

First is glucosamine. It is a building block for cartilage and tissues which targets the fluids between and around the joints. It also is a compound that has sugars and proteins present in amino saccharide. This comes in two types, glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Each of them is as effective as the other.

This also relieves pain effectively in more or less two weeks. For it to work, it breaks the cartilage first before it helps in healing it. A horse needs a dose of ten thousand mg each which is ideal for the period. This dosage has a higher level of treatment which speeds up healing at a therapeutic level.

Second is chondroitin sulfate helps the structure of cartilages, connective tissues, and bones. This is also a type of protein which allows resistance in joint compression and maintains its integrity. This has a subtle pain relieving effects which allows the horses to fluidly move more than before.

Sometimes, the supplements containing this increase the inflammatory effects. The reason lies on the impurities inside the source of the protein it used. Hence, trainers and owners are encouraged to use supplements that contain chondroitin sulfate that is pure and has quality in its source.

Hence, glucosamine and chondroitin are combined for more efficient relief. This is because these two work well together than apart. In addition, its inherent nutrients help maintain the normal functions of joints. Hence, manufacturers make sure that each supplement has the recommended therapeutic dosage.

Third is hyaluronic acid. This has the responsibility of lubricating the surfaces of joints. Meaning, it is integral in the compositions of articular cartilage and synovial fluid. Its main purpose is to ensure that the fluids are functioning properly to prevent joint pains. This is orally taken which has at most a hundred mg of hyaluronate a day.

This helps reduce the flares of heats and swells in the joints as well. This protein is also an ingredient for helping younger horses from their OCD or osteochondritis dissecans while recovering from surgeries and non surgeries operations. Also, ensure that the horse responds well to the first two components before giving them this protein.

Fourth is manganese sulfate. This is a mineral that helps increase the metabolism of the cartilages. Its dosage is only needed in smaller amounts while it produces chondroitin sulfate. Hence, this helps with the cartilage matrix as well as healthily grows the tissues. Moreover, this also helps in letting the horses meet their minimum daily mineral requirement. Trainers and owners are also recommended to not let them eat hays and grains exceedingly so they will not exceed that requirement. In this case, deficiency will occur if they eat more.